Therapy for Men

“It’s alright to not be alright.”

Therapy for Men’s Issues in San Diego, CA

  • You feel pressure to be perfect at work and home
  • You’re feeling the burden of holding things inside, being unable to express how you feel and think
  • It’s getting harder to find balance
  • You feel irritable, angry, on edge and don’t know why
  • You keep drinking or using to “get out of your head”
  • Your relationships are struggling and/or you’re having a hard time connecting and being vulnerable

Our therapists for men’s issues can help.

You will build individual goals with your therapist or counselor.

Goals you can expect to work toward together include:

  • Learn how to identify what you are feeling, cope with the feelings in healthy ways, and learn to express them to others
  • Learn how to identify boundaries in your life and practice setting them
  • Learn and practice mindfulness skills for physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being
  • Improve relationships through learning how to communicate and work through difficult situations rather than burying them
  • Learn stress management skills and ways to cope with any anxiety or mood concerns you’re experiencing

Get relief today.

Therapy for Men in San Diego, CA

Therapy for Men FAQ

The idea of going to therapy can make a person feel apprehensive. Our culture also does not support men well enough in understanding that it is okay to seek help at times in life. Together, you and your counselor will work together to establish a safe, compassionate working relationship. You will identify goals and create a plan to build coping skills, understand how your thinking might contribute to your experience, and learn how to express emotions effectively and healthily. Therapy can help improve your relationships through building communication skills as well.

At Karunā, we believe in contributing to access to therapy, which is why we will always be in network with various insurance plans. If you are covered by Aetna, Cigna/Evernorth, or Magellan insurance you will only be responsible for your cost share for each office visit (this would be either your regular copay for office visits, a co-insurance, or any deductible you may be under with your plan). Your insurance company can help you understand your particular cost share. Alternatively, if you are not covered by one of these plans, we can accept a cash pay arrangement and/or give you super-bills to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.

You and your therapist will meet together to discuss your particular needs and determine fit. You should at minimum feel comfortable, heard, and that your therapist has compassion and care for you. 

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