Therapy for Complex Trauma & PTSD

“Understand your past to live connected in your present.”

Trauma therapy in San Diego, CA

  • You feel on edge in your body, restless, and have difficulty relaxing
  • You don’t feel grounded, stable
  • You are frustrated by difficulty connecting in relationships
  • Your mind never seems to be quiet and you think about “what could go wrong”
  • You’re replaying things from the past constantly in your mind
  • You have difficulty managing your emotions, feel generally distrusting of the world, and have a troubled relationship with yourself (low self esteem and self worth)
  • You’re constantly feeling “empty” despite achieving many things in life

Our trauma therapists in San Diego, CA, can help.

You will build individual goals with your therapist or counselor.

Goals you can expect to work toward together include:

  • Learn how to create safety in your body through self soothing and build confidence in your ability to manage on your own
  • Learn about what is happening in your body when symptoms arise and ways to calm your nervous system
  • Learn grounding skills and mindfulness practices
  • Identify healthy boundaries and practice setting them for a more empowered and authentic experience with others
  • Create a healthy relationship with yourself, emotionally, spiritually, and physically
  • Improve relational experiences/connection with others in which you can be authentically You and deepen intimacy
  • Work toward understanding how your particular experience(s) of trauma created ways of getting through your life that were adaptive for you at the time – and learn how those patterns show up in your life today. You can then use that awareness to shift them to more healthy and helpful patterns

Feel more grounded today.

Trauma therapy in San Diego, CA

Trauma Therapy FAQ

You and your trauma therapist will meet initially to discuss your particular history and identify specific areas of focus and goals to work on. Together, you’ll work on strategies for understanding and coping with your trauma symptoms, boundary setting skills, improving your relationship with self and others (connection to your purpose and world), and shift any unhelpful narratives keeping your trauma symptoms going. Your therapist will ALWAYS work from a place of non-judgment and building self compassion, so your therapy sessions will be a safe place where you can go at your own pace.

PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) is a diagnosed mental health condition that follows when a person experiences a traumatic event. It is often called shock trauma and is related to one incident in a person’s life. Complex Trauma (or C-PTSD) is an unofficial mental health concern that is related to a person experiencing prolonged traumatic events in their life, such as ongoing abuse or emotional neglect in childhood. Therapy for trauma can help with both of these.

At Karunā, we believe in contributing to access to therapy, which is why we will always be in network with various insurance plans. If you are covered by Aetna, Cigna/Evernorth, or Magellan insurance you will only be responsible for your cost share for each office visit (this would be either your regular copay for office visits, a co-insurance, or any deductible you may be under with your plan). Your insurance company can help you understand your particular cost share. Alternatively, if you are not covered by one of these plans, we can accept a cash pay arrangement and/or give you super-bills to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.

There are several types of trauma treatment out there, and your therapist can discuss your particular situation and recommend what is best for you. We can offer approaches based in IFS, NARM, and EMDR therapy in San Diego.


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