Five Tips for Managing Mental Health in Covid Times

Experts are saying that the next pandemic coming in is the mental health one, related to all of the stress we have been experiencing over the last two years. If you’re feeling a higher level of anxious energy, stress, difficulty sleeping, or a general “blah”, you are not alone! Here are some small things you can do to help yourself stay afloat:

  • don’t isolate – spend time (in person or virtually) with loved ones and community as much as possible.
  • try a relaxation exercise, meditation, or sound bath. You can find them on the internet, lots of apps, or just simply sit and breathe deeply on your own for a few minutes.
  • budget time in your day (even just a small amount) to do something that is not a chore.
  • limit your news intake to short bursts.
  • get your heart rate up at least once per day through exercise.

Therapy can help work through these feelings and guide you in diving deeper into coping skills. Contact us if you’d like to schedule a consultation or initial visit to discuss your needs!

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