About Karunā​

Karunā Psychological Services seeks to nurture compassion, individual well-being, and social justice for all.

About Karunā psychological services

Karunā Psychological Services was started by licensed psychologist Dr. Abigail Hitchen, who saw the need for affordable, accessible therapy care.

We provide mental health services and specialize in online therapy. We help patients with all sorts of concerns, from everyday problems to trauma and diagnosed mental health issues.

We offer so much more than just therapy – we seek to know you as an individual and work with you one-on-one to find your strengths and empower yourself in every area of life. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care at affordable rates. No matter which obstacles are keeping you from flourishing, we seek to help.

Why Karunā?

Karunā is often translated as “compassion in action”, rooted in a sense of responsibility for promoting the freedom of suffering of all.

One can practice karunā by any action that is taken to minimize the suffering of another – and the more each individual’s suffering decreases, healing happens for our human community overall. The concept of karunā reflects our values of compassion, individual well-being, and social justice for all.

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