Online Therapy Services

for attachment and relationship concerns, trauma, life transitions, and anxiety.

Available to residents of California and Florida.

Is therapy right for you?

All of us struggle at times to achieve balance, maintain healthy relationships, or find direction in life.

Many struggle with depression, anxiety, and trauma that holds us back from living the most fulfilling life possible.


KARUNĀ Online Therapy

Finding non-judgmental, compassionate, and empowering support is particularly important in these challenging times in our world – and we are here to help.

At Karunā we offer easily accessible, professional, high quality care tailored to your busy lifestyle and specific goals.

Our Social Commitment

Karunā values social justice and equality and we practice anti-racism and anti-discrimination in our practice. Our clinicians are committed to creating a safe environment for your therapy experience and stand with all in active work against discrimination and racism.

Karunā is a safe place to land for support and all are welcome.

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